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El teléfono viene con una pantalla táctil de 6,50 pulgadas que ofrece una resolución de 720x1600 píxeles con una densidad de píxeles de 269 píxeles por pulgada (ppi) y una relación de aspecto de 20:9. Oppo A53 2020 funciona con un procesador Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 de ocho núcleos a 1,8 GHz. Viene con 4 GB de RAM.

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How to fix broken display

My phone's screen display has been broken

Now only half of the portion can be seen

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Yes half it is shown

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Mobile mobile are broken seen properly clear only line in my my mobile screen

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my display My display has gone out how do I fix it

=== Update (05/10/24) ===

Please tell me how to fix the display that came out of my mobile. How to fix the display that came out of my mobile? Tell me, its chip has separated. Now how to fix it?

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@niteshsingh761 There are very few repairs on the screen itself that can be done by the average person at home without specialized equipment and expertise. If there's a chip that's somehow come off of the display itself then the only realistic fix for most of us is to simply replace the screen.

If that's not the issue you're referring to, please give us more description so we can figure out what the problem is.

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Hi Thomas,

Unfortunately iFixit doesn't have a lot of information on Oppo brand phones, but that doesn't mean we can't help. In looking for guides, it appears the A52 and A53 use pretty much the same procedure when replacing the screen, so here's a step by step written guide for the A52.

Manuales / Oppo A52 / Fullscreen

I also found a video that is specifically for the A53, so take your choice as to which one to use.

OPPO A53 screen replacement guide / OPPO A53 phone cover removal procedure - YouTube

The screen itself looks to be fairly easy to get; I'd start with places like AliExpress, eBay and Amazon and go from there. Here's one of the first ones to come up on my rather cursory search. for Oppo A53 Screen Replacement for Oppo A53/A53S LCD Display for CPH2127, CPH2131, PCPH2139, CPH2135 Digitizer Touch Screen Assembly Repair Parts Kits : Cell Phones & Accessories

Hopefully that will get you going! Good luck and let us know what happens.

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On most phones the process is the same. First, You will want to get a peice of tape to put over any large cracks on the display. Second, you will want to grab a heat gun, iOpener, or any other type of heating device. (You could also use a hairdryer, but it would require more time) Once the phone is warmed up, then you can use a suction cup, Anti-Clamp, or another opening device to open the screen. Once the screen starts to come off of the device stick a Jimmy tool, opening pick, or guitar picks to pry the display open. Next, you will want to open the display, and remove all cables to the logic board. Once you do that, you can get your replacement display, and connect it to the phone. You may want to follow the instructions provided, if there are any. Then you can reseal the device. I hope this helpes you with your phone!

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