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Segunda generación multi -touch, ratón inalámbrico lanzado por Apple el 14 de Octubre de 2015. Modelo A1657.

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Magic Mouse 2 in not connected

When I switch on the Magic Mouse 2... on screen says "Mouse Connected". Few seconds later, on the screen says:" Connection Lost" I'm thinking about the battery of the mouse( 2 years now, non stop working). But the battery is a common on. Thank you in advance for your help. Panagiotis Badalakis

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While its possible the battery has failed, I would first give the mouse a good over night charge (better than 8 hours) use your iPhone charger as your system likely won't let your mouse charge when in sleep mode.

In any case heres the guide and the battery info Reemplazo de la batería del Magic Mouse 2

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thank you very much, dear dan. i saw that the battery costs about 85$, and the new one round 100$. does it worth it?

- de

@panagiotis81413 - For some people that $20 does. For me it’s the principal of throwing away a still functional device when it only needed a battery. We’ve become too throw away wasting resources.

But, before you make that jump make sure the battery is truly bad. Often times it’s just not getting a good charge.

- de

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