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Segunda generación multi -touch, ratón inalámbrico lanzado por Apple el 14 de Octubre de 2015. Modelo A1657.

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Magic Mouse 2: Right-click not working after contact with liquid.

A glass of juice spilled some liquid on the Magic Mouse 2. Since then the right-click does not work anymore. The mouse connects to the mac, left-click and scrolling is working, but not the right-click. I also tried turned right-click off and on in system settings. Context menus pop up when putting them on the left-button, so I'm sure it's the hardware, not something in MacOS. I opened the mouse following the battery exchange guide and cleaned a little dust out. Couldn't see anything indicating a damage or liquid remains, sticky parts, corrosion etc. Closed it, no change. Any idea what I could try or do I have to throw it away? The mouse is useless without right-click for me.

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Try a few of these links for videos also try this page

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Try this page if this doesn’t work I fear your mouse may be broken

Good luck -Thomas

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