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El Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), o simplemente Super Nintendo, es una consola de juegos de 16 bits lanzada por Nintendo en 1990. Super Nintendo fue uno de los más vendidos de su tiempo y todavía tiene una gran base de fans en la actualidad.

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Why is my screen just rainbow-colored blocks?

Hi, technically, I have the revised model, but since that section of the site was empty, I thought that I would have a better chance of getting a response here.

So, I was given a SNES from someone, but it doesn't work. I was given some games along with the console. When I try most of them, I just get a "no signal" on my TV. With one, however, it gives me random rainbow-colored blocks on my tv sometimes. When it doesn't, (it usually doesn't) it just says no signal. The rainbow-colored blocks are different every time too.

Oh, and I'm using an N64 AV cable. I know that one works fine.


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@littlelum Have the electrolytic capacitors been replaced on this console?

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@andrewsawesome As far as I know, no. From what I understand, the console hasn't really been used since the 90s. I'm new to repairing things, so I'm not really sure what to look for or where to start, especially since most of the information refers to the regular model.

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@littlelum I'm assuming you're not getting any audio either?

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@andrewsawesome That is correct. There may have been a quiet buzzing noise when the colored blocks were there (as opposed to no signal).

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@andrewsawesome It turns out all I had to do was to clean everything.

Thanks for your help though!

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It turns out it was really dirty inside, I don't know why I didn't try that before asking.

To anyone reading this in the future, try cleaning first!

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