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Calculadora gráfica vendida por Casio. Identificó el título "fx-9750GII" en la esquina superior derecha

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shift and alpha button completely different functions now.


My shift and alpha button work, but have completely different functions now. I tried rest to my it but didn’t work. Please help.

I’m using Casio fx9750gii

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@tina93431 lets see if our resident calculator guru @thelastmill can help you out with this.

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Unfortunately I don't have much experience with Casio calculators. If it were Texas Instruments then I would recommend resetting it and if that didn't work, I'd blame it on a hardware issue and would recommend they use their warranty to get a new one. or are French communities but are much more knowledgeable about Casio and would be willing to help you in English.

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@thelastmill any tip, any hint that can help with any repair is always a good answer. We all know how difficult repair sometimes is and those little hints and tips can make such a big difference. Nobody knows everything but we all know something. If we put all those little pieces together and we can fix the World!

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