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How to disconnect the HD?


the original HD of my iBook is broken and now the boot is from an external firewire HD. Fine, but lately a loud noise comes from the iBook, changing on the tilt of the notebook; I've already replaced the fan but the noise is yet there, thus I suppose it comes from the fault internal HD.

May I just disconnect the HD without any problem on the behaviour of the iBook?

In order to do that, can I disconnect the orange HD cable on step 37 of the guide:

iBook G4 12" 800 MHz-1.2 GHz Hard Drive Replacement

skipping all the difficult steps between 24 and 36?


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Yes you can do that. IMHO It's actually easier to disconnect the ribbon connector from the top at step #36. You might not even have to remove the restraining bracket... as long as there's no power to the hd it wont spin, the power comes through the ribbon cable from underneath. You can back the connector out as it sits using a spudger under each end.

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Thanks, but to remove the ribbon connector at step #37 it's enough to remove the lid on the back (I did it already to replace the fan and it was ok); whereas to disconnect it at step #36 I have to remove all the upper cover behind the keyboard and that's much more messy and risky with all those power and speakers connectors.

Am I missing anything?

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That'll work.

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It worked! Fast, easy and ... silent!

Thanks a lot.

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You're Welcome

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