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Repair information and disassembly guides for the Whirlpool Duet Steam WED87HED clothes dryer.

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Why did the tension spring come off?

The spring in my dryer came off. What are the possible causes of this?

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Hi ryan,

Are you talking about the idler arm tension spring? This one?

Block Image

As to why it may have come off, about the only time I've had similar springs come off on major appliances, it was because the hooks at the end had worn through far enough that they eventually broke. If the spring is intact then that's a really good question. Take a picture of your spring that clearly shows the hooks at both ends and we'll see if we can figure out if it's intact or not. Of course, if the spring is still good, then that leaves the places it's mounted to but judging from the pictures I see of that particular spring, it doesn't seem likely those parts could wear enough to fail to hold the spring.

Post a picture and let's see if we can figure out what's going on here.

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