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The Time Capsule Model A1302 is the second generation of Apple's wireless router and networked storage device released in March 2009. Most information from these repair and disassembly guides also applies to the original Model A1254.

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Is it possible to install an 8TB hdd?

I have a 2009 Time Capsule with the 1TB HDD and I am wondering if I can upgrade the HDD to 8TB or if there is a capacity limit? It seems like there is conflicting information where some have reported that there is a 3TB limit while others have said there is no (feasible) limit. I don't want to waste money on something that isn’t compatible. I am aware of the SATA II limitation. Thank you for your help.

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The different series of the Time Capsule have different limits. The first three versions if I remember correctly are 3TB. The fourth and fifth can be boosted 6TB as that is what I had done. You maybe able to go higher.

Make sure the drive fully supports SATA II systems, many don’t.

Wikipedia - Time Capsule specs

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Thanks Dan. So I guess my 2009 2nd gen can only go to 3TB. Still plenty enough for me I guess.

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