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Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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My speaker is wet by water

My speaker is wet by water

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Please help, speaker battery quickly Low

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You may have to disassemble this unit to examine it for water intrusion, shorting electronics. If you are able to disassemble it, use a rag, tissues, napkins, Q-tips to absorb water. Canned air can help move moisture away from inaccessible places. with a disassembled unit, allow it to dry, laying exposed parts outside in the sun for an hour or more to let the sun's infrared heat to evaporate moisture from sun heated parts. Laying parts on top of a gas hot water heater allows warmth from the heater to evaporate moisture overnight. A pilot light in a gas oven generates warmth too to dry out parts. Hopefully, if you are able to disassemble and dry off this unit and reassemble it, it may restore it back to full function.

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