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Lanzado en julio de 2018, el MacBook Pro de 15", modelo A1990, presenta una pantalla de retroiluminación LED de 15.4 pulgadas con tecnología True Tone, TouchID y hasta 6 procesadores Core i9.

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Wrong battery percentage being reported after battery change

Any ideas on how to fix so that the OS reports the correct battery percentage?


  • I changed the battery on my own.
  • The computer charges fine up to what is being reported by the OS as 100%.
  • After disconnecting the power cable the OS will soon report the battery percentage to be 1%.
  • I am able to run the computer fine on 1% for an hour or so.
  • Battery condition is reported as "normal" by the OS.

Block Image


Block Image

Update (08/29/23)

Thank you for your answer.

I just tried resetting SMC but it didn't help.

CoconutBattery when power cable is disconnected:

Block Image

CoconutBattery when the power cable was just connected:

Block Image

CoconutBattery when the power cable has been connected for 5 minutes:

Block Image

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I would start off resetting SMC and then leave the system to charge over night fully powered off.

I would also down load this Gem of an App CoconutBattery let’s see what it tells us. Post a snapshot of the Apps main screen here so we can see it to.

Update (08/29/23)

@tedlindstroem - Not good! 😞

I would replace the battery again as it does look like the microcontroller within it is defective in this battery. Contact the seller to get a replacement.

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