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La Braun Series 7 790cc es una afeitadora eléctrica de láminas húmeda y seca recargable que se vende con una estación de carga y un estuche de viaje.

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Braun 5764 Series 7 Flex Shaver shows red power light

Braun shaver keeps showinng a blinking red power plug light. According to the manual, i should unplug the power cable or fully charge the battery.

The battery is fully charged and the power cable is unplugged but the red light remains. Pressing the power button for approx 10 seconds does not fix it.

I've tried opening it up but don't see anything immediately apparently wrong. I'm no technician so maybe I didn't see something obvious. I've tried charging using the cleaning station and although the shaver does spin while in the cleaning station, the same thing happens again when I remove it. The battery is pretty much brand new (the shaver is 3 months old but is not covered under warranty as it's a retail display model).

Every now and then it shows the battery charge level at full and it works briefly and then immediately stops working again.

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Similar issue... after full charging Series 7 quits after few seconds w/blinking red light > removed and tested battery and it reads good... Battery has never been replaced and I'm thinking that's the issue no matter what the tester says... plenty of YouTube's on how to perform task... battery on Amazon... will post update if I R&R battery

Update (04/12/24)

Way Too Late Update: I ended up replacing the battery and the shaver worked... briefly. Soooo, I swapped the motor / guts of the shaver with another one and it worked until ..... it didn't in March '24. Now out of options unless I want to roll the dice on buying a new motor but I'm tired of fixing this appliance.... and they aren't really waterproof either. Everyone I've taken apart shows corrosion inside. At this point I've bought a Harry's razor and shaving gel! After 25 years of my Braun I'd forgotten how well a real blade shaves. See no reason to spend a couple hundy+ on a new electric razor... at least for the foreseeable future.

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@rdm71688 totally agree with you on that. Those battery testers do not test the battery under a load. Checking voltages is not enough. Change the battery and re-evaluate. If nothing else, it will give you a known-well starting point.

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@oldturkey03 For the purpose of transparency for anyone who may be facing the same issue: I went ahead and ordered a brand spanking new battery. While waiting for it to arrive, I managed to let it dry completely and use it. I would charge it each time it would go low (about 1-2 weeks at a time as was normal before hand). The issue somehow disappeared about a few days after letting it completely dry. I got the brand new battery and used it normally (not controlling water inflow) and the issue came back with the new battery. Returned the new battery as it didn’t help and ordered yet another new one in case the new battery was faulty too. Let it dry with the old battery and lo and behold: a few days after letting it dry it magically worked properly again. New battery arrived and same issue again. Returned that battery too and back in with the old one.

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The issue appears to be with some sensor getting wet (even though it’s supposedly waterproof) and screwing up the internal charge and use limiter (likely to prevent short circuit while it’s charging). Letting it dry thoroughly and not letting any water get near the main unit preventsi the sensor/component from getting wet and allows it to work again. Lesson learned: not the battery and not waterproof. Keep the thing dry as much as you can.

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I think the red blinking light means you need to replace your cartridge or the cleaning liquid is low.

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