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La actualización de abril de 2014 de los paquetes MacBook Air de 11" actualizó los procesadores Haswell i5 e i7 de doble núcleo y aumentó ligeramente el rendimiento de la batería.

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iFixit Enclosure not recognized at all with original Toshiba SSD

Did a logic board and SSD replacement on my Macbook, drive is not showing up at all. The enclosure just flashes its status light on the one Windows machine I have when I attempt to connect it, stays solid when plugged into the Macbook

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Really need a bit more here which enclosure are you using and the SSD.

Don’t use a windows system here as the oOSs are not compatible to each other.

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We're going to need all the details here to get this right, but a few things I'm going to note even before getting into the complete answer.

  • Using a Mac for troubleshooting is ideal here. Windows won't have the right software natively to format or read this drive for Mac use. There are ways to do this, but it will be much more relevant to use it with the Mac for now. If you open disk utility, does it see the device?
  • Drives from Macs made during this time frame are a bit hodge-podge and compatibility is not always intuitive. Many external enclosures specifically indicate they are not compatible with Toshiba drives. For example, previous iterations of OWC's Envoy Pro specify in the fine print it will not work with Toshiba-based Apple drives. Be sure to read everything to make sure your drive works with all parts.
  • You also mentioned a new logic board. Is the logic board you installed the same model as the previous one? Some Airs have shells that will fit logic boards from more than one generation. My other thought is that the board may have a version of the firmware that is too old to use the replacement drive. But I would want to cover the other 2 points before getting here.

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The enclosure provided has no documentation on iFixit, even though they are the ones selling it, seen here: MacBook Pro and MacBook Air (Mid 2013 to Early 2015) Blade SSD Upgrade Bundle

After finding what *seems* to be the same enclosure on Amazon, I see it doesn't support Toshiba SSDs

The Logic board is the same year and CPU, but with 8gb instead of 4gb RAM

I've installed the new drive, loaded a new install with a USB bootstick, and since reinstalled the old SSD to draw files off of it, hoping iFixit will provide a partial return.

Very unsatisfied.

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@wymin Definitely get in touch with the support team and let them know your concerns. I'm glad everything is working on the Mac at least. Even if it didn't go quite the way you planned.

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