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Samsung anunció la línea Galaxy S23 en su evento "Unpacked" el 1 de febrero de 2023. También se anunciaron las nuevas series de computadoras portátiles Galaxy Book3 y Galaxy Book3 Pro.

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I dropped my Samsung 23 ultra phone uhand cracked the screen

I dropped my Samsung 23 ultra phone uhand cracked the screen. It is now half green and then the other third is my actual screen that I can see. What do I need to buy to fix this? I'm at a loss here and I am going to try to attempt to fix it myself I have a little bit of experience with fixing phone screens however I'm not too sure on this

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I've got one battery just blew up

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@umairali65679, you need to replace the screen, as the AMOLED panel is damaged and cannot be repaired, so your only option is to replace it. Unfortunately the French guide I posted previously seems to no longer be available, but the Spanish one is still there.

Manuals / Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra / Full screen

It has step by step instructions on replacing the screen and lists the tools they recommend. Note that you can definitely get by much cheaper; for instance you can use an iFixit iOpener or even a hair dryer in place of the heat gun they call for.

You'll need some opening picks; I use a metal one myself, but plastic guitar picks will work fine. A small Phillips screwdriver (PH #00) is needed, along with a plastic spudger for unplugging connectors and prying parts out.

To get the battery out you'll want some flexible plastic sheeting; a playing card may work fine there. Either heat or 90% or higher concentration isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol will help soften the adhesive holding the battery in. Something to take the SIM card out; a paper clip will work fine if nothing else is available. If you want to support iFixit's repair efforts you can buy all the parts you need right here at the iFixit Store.

Note that there are two different methods of replacing the screen. In this one, you are replacing the screen and frame as one piece, meaning you're basically transferring all the parts inside the phone into a new housing that's preattached to a replacement screen. This is the recommended way to do it, as the screen is already sealed to the frame so you don't have to worry about sealing it or getting it to stick permanently.

The other way to do it is to remove the OLED display from the frame and replace that by itself. The advantage is that the screen without the frame is marginally cheaper than with a frame (to be honest, it's not enough of a difference to sway me thought) and there may be less work involved in removing and replacing parts. The downside is you'll have to find a guide that shows you how to do the screen only replacement (YouTube will probably be your best friend there), and you'll need some sort of adhesive or glue to bond the screen to the frame.

Here's an example of a replacement screen with frame on Amazon; you can also find them on eBay, AliExpress and other sites. 6.8" Original for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra SM-S918U SM-S918U1 SM- S918B SM-S918W SM-S918E LCD S23 Ultra Display Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Replacment (with Black Frame) : Cell Phones & Accessories

Note that the frames come in different colors and this one is for a black frame; if you've got a different color this one will work but won't match your rear cover. Verify that the model number of your phone matches one of the ones listed in the title of the listing just to be sure that's the right one for your phone.

That's about all I have for you right now; feel free to ask questions if I missed anything or wasn't clear. Good luck and let us know how it goes! Take lots of pictures and when you're done you can use them to author your own guide to show others how to do that repair. The community will appreciate it and you'll have fun doing it.

Create a new Guide - iFixit

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If I have two S23 ultras, can I take apart the phones as you described and swap the internal components from one phone to the other? One of them has a cracked screen, the other is non-functioning, but the screen is fine. Do you see any issues with that strategy?

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@christiann89418 Nope, shouldn't be any problem with swapping parts between two phones of the same model. I'd suggest starting out with just swapping over the motherboard from the phone with the cracked screen and see if everything works. If not, continue swapping parts until you get to a fully functional phone.

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Ok indeed they have international samsung s23 ultra screen and digitizer replacement will it work on a US phone

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Replace screen S23 ultra

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