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The MSI GL63-8RE is a gaming laptop with a Core i7 processor, dual storage, and an Nvidia GTX 1660Ti graphics card, released in 2018.

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Changed the battery cell, still not charging MSI gl63 8rc

Recently my laptop (MSI gl63 8rc) battery was dead, so opened the battery (6 cells) and checked the voltage of each pair of cell, it was 3.9v,3.9v,0V so i replaced the 0v cells with a working cells (3.87v). After installing, the battery percent was 100% but the laptop won't run on battery and won't charge. Is there anything I can do in the BMS to make it working

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@kumaransub40881 The undervoltage protection of the BMS was most likely triggered when the cell went to 0V.

If I were you, I'd purchase a new battery altogether.

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Yes i should understand but this laptop will be always connect to AC power and in power cutoff or proper date and time, this is my requirement, so I thought of making the same battery pack to work, is there anyway to reset the BMS to work properly

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