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How to fix disabled iPod?

when i switch on my apple ipod they say ipod is disabled connect to itunes

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What have you tried thus far? A soft reset? Hard reset? Restored with iTunes? Tried DFU and restore? You need to give us more information so we can try and help you.

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i have tried itunes i tried restore and it did not work

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Usually you can simply connect it to your computer and it will restore it. If that does not work, put it into DFU mode. Plug it in, hold down the lock and home button until it shuts off, count to 4 and release the lock button, it should say it is in recovery mode and it will install a fresh iOS to your touch. Hope that helps

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Yeah, there's another way. Here's how.

You navigate to the iPod, and head to (i'm not sure about this) iPod_control, and then you change the file named "_locked" to "_unlocked" but don't name it to"_i_hate_ipods" or it could possibly blow up in your face (just kidding)

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