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Accessories for Replacing Ram on a MSI GL75 Leopard 10SDK

Hello Everyone !

I have a Msi GL75 Leopard 10SDK with the Pre-Installed 16GB Ram (2 sticks of 8GB) and i would like to upgrade it to 64GB Ram (2 sticks of 32GB) , What would be the Best Qualtiy Toolkit to get all the scraw's out and all other parts detached with a precise matter ? (Price of course should be cheapest but is secondary after the Toolkit Qualtiy)

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@stevebob26090 if iFixit ships to your country you can start with the Essential Electronics Toolkit here to save the hassle of buying stuff separately, if not then you could just get a set of precision screwdrivers + a phone repair kit.

You'll mainly need precision screwdrivers that fit the screw type your laptop case uses (usually Philips or Torx) + spudgers to open the back case.

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Essential Electronics Toolkit


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Thanks for your timely response.

After i saw your recommendation i noticed another kit with much more Screw Driver Bits for $2. cheeper

Please let me know your thoughts about this


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@stevebob26090 That should serve the same purpose as well.

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