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El HP Compaq 6730b es la edición "comercial" de la línea de portátiles 6730 lanzada por HP.

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My laptop is not charging

my hp 6370b charger is plugged in but it is not charging

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@johannesran2383 use a multimeter and check the AC adapters output. should be around 18.5V. Check the barrel connector and make sure that there is no bend pin, corrosion or debris. If your charger is okay, next check the DC-In jack of your laptop. That is where the adapter connects to. Make sure that there are no bend, broke, corroded or obstructed pins there. If that checks out ok, you will need to open the laptop up and check the DC In jack on the board side to see if the power gets there. Sometimes bad solder, broken pins etc, will prevent this. Also, this may be a battery issue. A "dead" battery can not be charged. Consider replacing the battery when the adapter checks out okay.

Download teh service manual for your computer from here It'll help you to work on it.

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