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Guías de reparación y soporte para tarjetas de memoria SD, miniSD y microSB utilizadas en tabletas, teléfonos y cámaras.

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How can I format a password locked SD card without a Symbian device

I have a couple of SD cards that I would like to reuse. The problem is that they belong to a car head unit that uses the password lock feature as a DRM measure. I know that you can use old Nokia Symbian devices to remove these locks, but is there any other software that can do that as well? The cards don’t even show up on any of my devices.

I have come across this document from micron, but I’m not that experienced with programming so it seems a bit too complicated for me.

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Most computer-based SD card adapters are unable to execute arbitrary commands on an SD card. These commands are generally only available to (and used by) embedded devices.

So unless you have an arduino or something similar with an SD card reader lying around somewhere and are willing to write the code for it, you generally won't be able to remove the password lock on these cards.

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