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La PSP E100 es una consola de juegos portátil diseñada por Sony. También conocida como PSP Street, esta versión económica de PlayStation Portable se lanzó en octubre de 2011.

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PSP E1004 White Screen

I just replaced my PSP E1004 motherboard because I had a whitescreen, and I thought it might be due to solder joint issues on the CPU. So, I ordered a new motherboard from Aliexpress and replaced it. However, I am still facing the same problem.

Does this mean that my replacement motherboard has the same issue as my old one, or could something else be broken?

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@vistalu motherboards from two separate places with the same error, is possible but unlikely. The white screen is just your backlight turning on and really does not give you an overall idea about the display. I'd check the ribbon cable. check for tears and nicks etc. OF course, you have checked this guide How to fix the PSP E1000 psp e1000 WHITE SCREEN - iFixit Repair Guide as well. If none of this works, try a new display as well.

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I already checked the ribbon cable, and I didn't see any tears. It looked normal to me.

I even checked if I connected the ribbon cable correctly to the connector multiple times, and still, nothing worked.

When I turn on the display, I can see outlines of the PSP menu when I hold my PSP at a specific angle and look at it.

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@vistalu this " outlines of the PSP menu when I hold my PSP at a specific angle" could be a video IC issue. Your boards may actually need a reflow of that IC. Unless the polarizer of your screen are having issues. DO you have any polarized sun glasses? If so places those over the display and slightly rotate them in 90deg increments. If you can at anytime see more of the screen, it is the polarizer films and you would need a new screen.

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