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Un disco duro SATA de 3,5" y 320 GB lanzado por Western Digital.

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My WD hard drive fell..Now it doesn't show on my laptop.

My WD hard drive 500gig fell, now It doesn't show on my laptop. Can I repair it? Or its damaged forever?

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Is this an external drive or an internal drive?

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Its an external drive

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Please confirm the model number as you have linked a different drive.

Does the power light turn on when you connect power to the external drive?

Can you hear it "spin up" when you connect power to the drive?

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The power light doesn't turn on when I connect, but it spins. I can really remember the model number.

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You can NOT repair it. Drive repairs are only temporary just to recover data, it will always be more expensive than just buying a new one and even if it is repaired, it only lasts a few weeks at best.

Do you have critical data on it? If not, just forget about it.

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