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Pc shows bios but gets no signal after booting

Hey guys, I recently upgraded my graphics card (rx 6600 from rx 580). It was working fine for a few days after I installed it, but yesterday I had to move it into my apartment for University. It’s about a three hour drive, and when I set it up in my apartment and booted it up it had signal, and was displaying the boot screen and I could get to bios. However after it booted and would normally show the windows loading screen, my monitor would show no signal. Not sure if it’s relevant, but my gpu fans would spin up for 10 seconds or so after turning on then switch off, but it’s probably just standby mode. Any help is appreciated.

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start by verifying nothing came loose during the transport.

That would be the most obvious problem.

After that is it hunt and peck troubleshooting.

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Bill, that’s something basic that you do after moving anything fragile. Your answer doesn’t actually help vexeii, it just makes them a bit more overwhelmed.

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why don't you let vexeii tell me he has done the obvious. How do you know what his knowledge is??

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After reading through the other replies and comments, I'm guessing you have a PGA CPU? For example, something like a Ryzen 5 3600X?

I've seen similar symptoms with these chips. Although the initial signs point to your RAM, please try reseating your CPU. Take it out carefully and inspect for bent, broken, or missing pins. (If any are missing, look into the CPU socket and see if it is loose in the respective hole.)

Even if it was working perfectly originally, over time (especially if it was standing vertically with a heavy cooler mounted to it) gravity can take it down and slightly bend some pins out of shape or break the contacts on them. I've seen many CPUs in my shop that simply stop accepting dual channel memory and will only work either in A channels or B channels on a case by case basis. My working theory is that the pins most vulnerable to simple damage over time are RAM allocation data pins and clustered in such a way that these things happen.

Sometimes simply reseating the CPU will address these issues. But sometimes it is not so simple but if you find a bent or broken pins then you have an almost guaranteed diagnosis and don't have to be scratching your head in confusion any more.

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Yeah I have a ryzen 5 3600. I’ve just taken it out and I don’t immediately see any damaged or broken pins. There was some variation in the boot process depending on which channel the ram was in when I tested (sometimes it wouldn’t show boot) but it wasn’t consistent as far as I know. It is very hard to tell visually if anything is off though of course.I’m reseating it now, wish me luck. Thanks so much you really sound like you know what you’re doing.

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HOLY $@$* IT WORKED!!! I’ve had a horrible week but you just revived it, I can’t thank you enough man. I wish everyone that commented the best.

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@vexeiii Glad I could help. Sometimes it is just a matter of finding the right person who has dealt with similar issues in the past. I've seen many cases with similar symptoms, so I figured it was worth offering some advice. Sorry it took me a week to see your post, but better late than never! 😅

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It sounds like an issue with the GPU. Can you actually open the BIOS menu? If you can’t, it’s the GPU. If you can, it might actually be your hard drive/SSD that’s having problems.

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Hey thanks for the reply, I was just messing with it and reseated my ram which got it to work and get me to windows sign in, but when I adjusted it back to its normal spot it stopped sending signal and went back to what it was doing before so I think something might be loose

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Can open bios menu btw

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Well then, yeah, it’s an issue with the RAM. Try switching your RAM sticks to different slots, and see if that helps.

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I can see the ram in bios, does that mean anything?

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Honestly, I don't know. I'm gonna ping @oldturkey03, since he has "a bit" (lmao) more experience with hardware than I do. How many RAM sticks are you using at the moment?

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