Final generation of the Pontiac Grand Am.

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Why is my car overheating, but there is no smoke or steam

My car is overheating but no smoke. I changed the thermostat and changed the fans but the temperature still go over the 200 mark

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larry, I know you said you change the fans, but are they coming on at the right temperature?


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larry, the fan doesn't come on until approximately 240°. If the system is capable of holding pressure it should not boil over at 240°. Check to make sure your fans come on. It should come on whenever the AC is on, or when the engine is hot. If it doesn't come on when you turn on the a/c, the fan relay is probably bad. Also check the the CLG Fan Max Fuse, located in the Underhood Fuse Center, it may open, causing the coolant fan to become inoperative.

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Why is my car running hot I brought a new water pump ,radiatior, thomastat


@rockeem what make and model car? what engine size? what did you check? what are the exact symptoms?


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