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Modelo A1989, EMC 3358. Una actualización del diseño existente, con opciones de procesador actualizadas y un cambio en los materiales del teclado. Disponible en plata y gris espacial. Lanzado en mayo de 2019.

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TouchBar partly does not respond, and enters in clicking epilepsy


I got some water that leaked on my MacBook from a bottle in my backpack. Since then, when the computer heats-up a little while working, the Touch Bar starts clicking everywhere for a minute or two and does not respond to touch after the 'crisis'. Other wise it partly does not function, some regions doesn't not record touch but the display of the buttons works perfectly fine.

I think that some water is still in there and might goes into a gaseous state while heating-up causing the insane clicking, do you have a tip to fix that issue?

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It definitely sounds like the water did some kind of damage. I don't know about going gaseous (hopefully not hot enough for that). But the warmth is still a good theory. All the other materials the laptop is made of expand when they get warm, which means some things may be touching that weren't before.

Even if the liquid has dried, if there are traces if corrosion anywhere in the touch circuitry, it could cause this sort of behavior. It sounds like some internal inspection is in order at the very least. But you may need a new Touch bar (or top case, the touch bar is frankly unpleasant to replace by itself).

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Sadly, liquid damage is always tricky! The ingredients of the drink often exasperate the issues as they can cause metals to corrode and electrically conduct allowing the metals to decompose via electroless. Standing liquid inside also doesn’t help! When parts heat up they can alter from the material now on them as well as expand causing problems.

You do need to find someone who has deeper experience to physically clean the internal parts of the remaining spill and it’s damage. They may need to repair and/or replace parts. Here it’s likely the TouchBar and it’s circuit board which sits underneath it.

I strongly recommend you make a backup of your stuff before the system fails in a state that you can’t recover your data.

Time is your Enemy!! Don’t delay if you want to save your system as the longer things stew the greater the damage and in turn the cost to repair!

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