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Modelo A1989, EMC 3358. Una actualización del diseño existente, con opciones de procesador actualizadas y un cambio en los materiales del teclado. Disponible en plata y gris espacial. Lanzado en mayo de 2019.

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Don’t work Touch Bar and TouchID after cleaning


After cleaning and change thermal paste Touch Bar and Touch ID not working. On setting not have point for Touch Bar. I check all connectors and he looks good, but he not work.

I’m trying check in Google, may be someone have this problem too, but nope. I’m going today for Apple Store and he say he can fixing this for $500 and this way very expensive for this MacBook

P.S.: it’s my first repair MacBook and I can do it mistake, before I fix it windows laptops

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Ouch! This doesn’t sound good!!

I think you need to find someone local who can help you. The loss of access via the TouchID button is the more serious problem! Think of it this way… You have a safe with your valuables inside and you loose the key! Other than some explosive which will damage the fragile stuff inside, they won’t survive!

Time to get to someone with deeper MacBook skills who has the tools and access to the needed parts to try to recover things. They may not be able to.

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I think problem with connector, but I’m not sure about what the connector I needed. I’m scary going in bad services

- de

@deatzusa - Where do you live? Country and nearest large city. Maybe we can aim you to someone.

- de

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