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Lanzado en octubre de 2012, identificado por el número de modelo CQ58-bf9WM, procesador AMD Dual-Core C-60 de 1.0GHz.

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How to reset password

So i’ve found a old laptop deep in my storage room and i’m sure it’s full of old photos i’d like to get off so before i pay someone to get it off id like to try to do it my self. it’s a old laptop i think it’s running windows 8 i saw post on how to open the aso (advanced startup options) and tried goin to command prompt option and it makes me enter a password for my account. looking to reset it without loosing all of my pictures though. thanks!

Update (07/18/23)

also when i try to type in a password in the login screen it says “your pc is offline. please sign in with the last password used on this pc.

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Take out the drive, and connect it to a different computer. The process of removing the drive depends on what specific model the laptop is, but generally you remove the bottom, take the drive cover off, and then unplug the drive (there are usually a couple of screws holding the drive down, but they’re easy to remove). Most drives from the last 20 years connect with either SAS or SATA. You can buy a cheap USB to SAS (or USB to SATA) adapter cable on Amazon. Plug one end into the drive, and the other end into a USB port. The drive will show up in file explorer, and you can copy and paste all your videos and pictures to a different device. After that, you can put the drive back in the laptop, and then reset Windows.

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@oldturkey03 Thanks for the advice!

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