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Modelo A1989, EMC 3358. Una actualización del diseño existente, con opciones de procesador actualizadas y un cambio en los materiales del teclado. Disponible en plata y gris espacial. Lanzado en mayo de 2019.

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After changing the battery, it’s overheating and drains pretty quickl.

I ordered a battery from Amazon, changed it(it was very difficult but I got it done). I calibrated the battery. But now it drains pretty fast and today I literally turned it on and after 20 minutes, the fan stated to blow as fast as it could and the Mac is as hot as it can be. laptop works fine, no data or parts were lost, I made sure the power connection screw is nice and tight as well.

Should I remove the battery, return to Amazon and buy a new battery from ifixit?

Or should I just take it to apple to change the battery?

Or is there any other solution?

Appreciate your help very much.

thanks 😊

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Let’s get a better view of things, install this Gem of an App CoconutBattery post a snapshot here so we can see things with the charger plugged in.

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Thanks for your help, I got that program, says the battery was manufactured in 2017, not sure why but said the cycles were only 3.

Anyways I read somewhere that I should discharge and fully charge 5 times for the battery to get calibrated correctly. So this morning I used it till it turned off. Opened the back, saw the battery was a little loose(well one of them, there are 3). So taped it up till I can get the correct one. Kinda shocked to see it loose since usually they are pretty sticky like af lol!

Anyways put the back cover on to go order the 3m tape, and now it doesn’t even charge anymore!!!

Like I connected it up power and it says low battery connect, then it just died completely and now the adaptor is not even warm, been left like that over 1 hour.

What should I do?

How come all of a sudden it doesn’t even turn on or charge!?

Thanks for your help.

- de

@fard918 - Sorry can’t offer you a simple answer here as I just don’t have enough to go on. At this point you need a USB-C power meter to be in-line with your charger to measure what is happening. Only then can you discover whats ailing your system. It could be a logic board issue the power meter will offer us the needed clue to tell us that.

- de

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