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Battery replacement -> bars on the screen

Hi! As the title says, while replacing my battery, I got my screen into this stupid but interesting condition. There are some vertical bars on it, where it is lighter, and sometimes it changes, so they are all lighter than for example right now, or the pattern changes. For example, when I turn on the phone, there are lighter parts everywhere, except the “column” of the Apple logo; there is a sharp boundary and there are no bars in those columns at all, and on the other side of the logo, they start to appear again, just as sharp as they disappeared. I did it again and again, I also disconnected and reconnected the screen, but nothing changed.

Please give me ideas of the faulty component.

I think it is the screen (or its cables), since there is also a pretty constant dark red patch on the left of the notbar, next to the mute switch. But more opinions could help. My other idea is the circuit what drives he screen. Do you think it can be faulty?

How should I avoid them next time? What do I do in the wrong way? (I unscrew the screws at the connector, I put this plastic sticky stuff on the bottom of the screen, above the home button, I put my fist on the rest of the glass, I pull the bottom of the screen upwards and try to open it with a sharp tool. Then I put it aside a bit. I remove the connector protecting metal thing, and then I do the job I want to do.

Thank you in advance!

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Ah, i've seen weirdness like this before! Have you tried reseating the battery and display cables? I've also had this be caused by a faulty replacement battery in the past, so that may be worth a look too. Unfortunately if neither of these sort it you've likely damaged the display somehow, and it'd need replacing.
Thanks! :) @laszlomagocsi

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Hi! Thank you for your answer! I’ve done that multiple times. Well, I forgot to write down something: first I took off the screen, and then I realized that my tri-point screwdriver is not the one I need, so I tried to get it out with tweezers and other screwdrivers. It didn’t work, so I assembled my phone again, and then, it already had the bars, before me actually replacing the battery or even disconnecting something. I asked for such a screwdriver set from my friend, and after that, I replaced the battery and reconnected the cables multiple times. And I keep having the bars.

I noticed that when I wake my phone, they only show up on the notification bar. As I use my phone, some spots are starting to get brighter and get a reddish tone. When I make my phone sleep and wake it again, it gets back to normal. The resolution also seems to be worse. I wonder whether there is something wrong with the circuit driving it. Do you have an idea about that? @ezzgen

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@laszlomagocsi That definitely sounds like a faulty LCD unfortunately, I've had that happen to an iPhone 7 also, damage to the LCD causes bars to slowly appear over the screen which gets worse over time, atleast it isn't likely to be a motherboard issue!

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Faulty LCD > Faulty motherboard… so it is definitely a smaller problem, than what it could be. I’ll replace it and try not to screw it that time. I comment when it is done. Thank you for your help!

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@laszlomagocsi No worries, best of luck my friend!

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Hi! I replaced the screen, it worked perfectly, everything is fine… For a day. The next day, the main button stopped functioning correctly. It reads my fingerprint, but usually it is insensitive to pressing: when the phone is sleeping, it doesn’t work, I wake it with the power button, it works (but gives a weird feeling) when I press it once (sometimes it senses two presses), and after that, it’s dead again, but it still reads the fingerprint (I can unlock Apple Pay, for instance). Sometimes, for a short time, it works correctly, and then, it is dead again.

Do you think I damaged the main button (I took it from the older screen) when I replaced the screen? :-)


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