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Right Joycon Not Detected in Handheld mode

I've seen several people with similar issues online but all seem to be resolved with just "clean it." and nothing else being suggested but I've gone well past "just cleaning" and am still coming up short. Please see below for additional details of what i've done so far to attempt to fix this issue.


Right White Joycon that comes with Switch OLED model

Device State

Syncs with any device without issue

Charges from the Switch without any issue

Works as expected except when attempting Handheld Mode


Using OLED model Joycons came with-

Left White + Any other one of my different Right Joycon will work in handheld

Using Standard Model

White Right Joycon will sync but still will not work in handheld. All other Joycon combos I own work just fine in handheld with this model.

Fixes Attempted

  • Confirmed Switches and Controllers are Updated to Latest version
  • Can Duster over rail connections
  • Disassembled Right White Joy Con and cleaned connections with alcohol and let dry
  • Full replacement of Right White Joycon rail

From all my testing it seems to be something wrong with the joycon specifically and nothing to do with the connectors or Switch since this problem carries over across multiple models. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Info needed:

When you dock it on handheld mode, does it charge?

Flip it backwards and dock it on the left side (the buttons facing the back of the console, but up is still up and down is still down). Does it charge? Does it sync?

When you dock on handheld mode, does it stay wirelessly connected, or does it disconnect the wireless and just not connect?

Have you tried docking this specific joycon on a different switch?

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Yes, it charges in dock

Yes, it charges if i flip it and put it in the left rail

When docked or handheld mode the Right Joycon registers as Wirelessly connected

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@bretk It sounds like a failure of the charging sensor on the joycon motherboard.

When the joycon starts charging, it is supposed to automatically disconnect the wireless connection. It is supposed to not be able to be connected wirelessly at all whenever it detects charging from the console.

Something you can try is disassembling the joycon, disconnecting the battery, then plugging the battery back in and (carefully, without touching any buttons to trigger a sync) dock the joycon. If it syncs as docked, then you can confirm 100% that the sensor is not working properly on the board and not flipping the switch to disconnect wireless connection.

Unfortunately, if this is what it is, it is almost assuredly better to replace the joycon, or at least it's motherboard, as I haven't been able to find a reputable vendor for those components.

EDIT: If you can find a joycon for parts, it may be worth it. I just disassembled mine and the sensor is attached with a grey coaxial cable, so no microsoldering would be required to replace the sensor if you can find one.

EDIT2: Nope, that is the bluetooth antenna. I am not sure where the docked sensor is then.

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@bretk I am by no means an authority on this matter. I just had a similar issue that I spent quite a bit of time diagnosing and repairing on my own switch, almost exactly the symptoms you have, so I have done a lot of research on this exact issue you have.

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@erelectronics I was worried it was going to be something like that. Really appreciate the info, this is way more than I was able to find anytime i've tried to research the problem.

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@bretk I had nearly the same issue, but with the left joycon. It also wouldn't charge. That's how I found the "put it backwards on the other side" trick.

Unfortunately, Nintendo in their infinite wisdom builds both joycons completely differently. So while my research on the left joycon is helpful in a theoretical standpoint, it doesn't apply to the actual hardware that is in the right side. It is completely possible that the hardware is different enough to make a repair worth it, but after way too much time on it in my case I determined that it wasn't worth it for me to repair my left joycon.

The joycon is supposed to check when it is docked to the console via... somehow? As opposed to connecting to a joycon grip/etc.

Conflicting information (NFC or magnets or bluetooth range or information over dock pins?) on how. I haven't found a definitive answer nor successfully identified the sensor in my left joycon.

But when it is for sure a "sensing the console" issue of the joycon itself, not easily repairable.

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Out of curiosity, is the issue intermittent? Have you considered checking the connector for the lower ribbon-cable on the Joy-Con's motherboard to see if a trace, pin, or other element is damaged? There may be merit in that avenue of investigation.

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