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A1418 / EMC 3069 / 2017 / Procesador i5 de cuatro núcleos a 3.0 GHz, 3.4 GHz o i7 a 3.6 GHz de cuatro núcleos. Lanzado el 8 de junio de 2017.

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12 + 16 Pin to 2.5 inch SATA adapter?

Hello, I have a base model 2017 4K iMac, I bought a 12 plus 16 pin drive thinking it had an m.2 slot, of course it doesn’t and it’s too late to return the drive. I’ve been searching all over for adapters but I’m not finding anything. Is there a way I can still use this drive ? I also found an adapter that would convert it into a regular m.2 slot and I’m wondering if I get that adapter and an m.2 to SATA on top of that if the 12 + 16 pin drive will work. Thank you 🙏

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It's more work than using the SATA but you can plug it in here, if the M2 you got is compatible with a Mac:

Reemplazo del SSD del iMac Intel de 21.5" Retina 4K Display (2017)

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There are external cases which can hold the drive.

I’m not a lover of adapters in iMacs as it’s such a bear to get to the drive and these adapter and drive combos have a much higher failure rate. I had a very full drawer of both adapters and drive’s which died in them. This is not a failure of M.2 drives it’s a bit more to do with the interfaces and forcing something that was not designed to work fully in this setup.

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I can’t seem to find a 12 plus 16 pin adapter even externally. I messaged some eBay sellers and they said they do not make such a drive.

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@benjilambert - Here’s a useful write up on Apples custom SSDs The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs the 12 + 16 pin drives are Generation 3. As far as external cases OWC was one of the few which had offered on. I doubt they still offer it. There is no demand really for this cases.

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