If the temperature of the terminal is too low, it will be displayed an

If the temperature of the terminal is too low, it will be displayed and it will not be charged.

The display was broken, so I ordered a SIM card reader that was not sensitive, and an orange frame and back cover to change the color. At that time, I cut the wiring of the vibration speaker, but he put it together anyway.

After assembling, I had the following problem.

Proximity sensor still reacting

Fingerprint sensor No display

Unable to make a call from the ear due to disconnection of vibration speaker wiring

It has been disassembled several times to replace parts to repair these.

One time, I forgot to turn off the power before starting work, which caused damage to his FPC connector on the left side of the battery connector, SIM card reader connector (including contacts on the long interconnect cable side).

Something was attached to the FPC connector so as to straddle the 3rd and 4th from the right on the bottom row. I was poking at the deposit with a thin plastic tip.

Then suddenly it returned to its original shape. I didn't know what it was for a moment, but it looked like something stood up and settled down. At that time, I thought it was the only time, and when I put the connector in, it fit me obediently.

As far as I remember, he stopped charging around this time. The screen will say, "Your phone is too cold. To avoid damage, your device may be powered off."

When I introduced an application that displays the temperature of the terminal and looked at the temperature, it was displayed as minus 30 degrees. Of course, I don't use it in such an environment, and it doesn't change even if I put it on the dashboard of a car under the scorching sun.

I replaced the sim card reader and the long interconnect cable to replace the bad part once.

Now he was in a loop of screens showing only the word HUAWEI.

Eventually he will run out of battery and won't turn on, and while charging, it will display Huawei letters but disappear. With that repetition, it became a symptom that disappeared as soon as the power was unplugged.

I left it as it is for a while without thinking of a way to repair it.

At one point, I thought, ``The fact that the light goes out as soon as the power is unplugged means that there is no electricity in the battery at all. I was.

The idea was right and the power turned on and it worked. Only the first time he was in recovery mode for the first time. There was a restart button, so when I tapped it, it started working normally.

I thought it would be fixed by charging, but the remaining battery level display never changed.

I had a bad feeling, so when I restarted it, it changed to display the remaining battery power, probably as much as I used. And again the temperature of the terminal is displayed low and it stopped charging.

When I checked the temperature again with the app, it was displayed as -32°C.

The problem with the current state is that it does not charge with the proximity sensor.

Are you saying that the temperature sensor is on the frame with the front panel that you replaced? He also thinks that the ratio of proximity sensors is strange because the front panel is poorly made.

For the proximity sensor, I'm thinking of buying the front panel and his frame set again.

I don't know the cause of the symptoms that can't be charged due to the error that the temperature of the terminal is too low. Maybe he doesn't know if the FPC connector is still playing tricks.

I would appreciate it if you could give me some helpful feedback. thank you.

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