Both camera, flash and earpice not working, but sensors are working.

Hi iFixit community,

I have a problem with my iPhone 7. It's not the first time i repaired this device, so it's not like i have 0 knowledge about repairing it.

Yesterday when I was replacing the screen and battery, after turning on the phone I encountered something wired - both front and back camera are not working, flash is not working and the earpiece speaker doesn't work. Yet the auto-brightness feature works just fine, and that makes me think that it's not caused by broken flex cable. Upon disconnecting the front sensor flex, the back camera and flash is still not working. Tried also disconeccting the back camera, no luck there aswell. Replaced battery, did nothing.

Can anyone help to think what can be causing that? Maybe it's the flex cable afterall? Or maybe replacing the back camera will fix it? I don't want to risk buying parts that won't help with the repair, and will just waste my money.


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