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Nissan presentó el Sentra de séptima generación en agosto de 2012. El nuevo Sentra está completamente rediseñado por dentro y por fuera.

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Why wont my passenger airbag light turn off.

Air bag lights turned when breaks were somewhat slammed. Lights turned on, on the dashboard and center console. How can i fix it?

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Hi Anthony,

Unfortunately standard OBD-II scanners cannot usually turn off airbag lights; it usually takes a vehicle-specific connector and/or software to do that. You'll probably need to find someone who can scan the Nissan airbag system and tell you if there are any codes set. If there are, you'll have to fix the problem or the light won't stay off no matter how many times you turn it off.

Of course, a Nissan dealer can definitely do that scan, but independent shops may be able to if they have the right equipment and software.

I accidentally tripped the airbag light on my Volvo when I had the dash out to get to the instrument panel lights. I turned on the car to check the lights but forgot that I had disconnected the airbag, so the warning light came on and couldn't be turned off again until I found a shop that could turn it off for me.

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