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La Kenmore 80 Series es una lavadora popular fabricada por Kenmore

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Water on the floor

Is leaking water underneath

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This is a tough one to answer. Leaks in this washing machine can happen in several places. Without actually looking at the washer, I would just be guessing. The most obvious places are the hot and cold water connections, both at the faucet and where they connect at the washer. The hoses themselves can also leak, usually near the connections, but sometimes they crack anywhere along their length. The pump inside the washer can leak at the gasket, or a hole might have corroded in the outside tub (not easily visible from looking at the inside drum). Another point of corrosion that I have seen is at the stem underneath the agitator (that sticks out in the middle of the drum). There is a nut under the agitator cap that needs to be removed. The agitator can then be remove with a bit of effort pulling up and wiggling it. I've repaired one machine by removing as much rust as possible, then piling on a good layer of silicone sealer - but not too much; the agitator needs to fit back on.

To help trace the problem, dry everything up, then use a flashlight to see new drips or leaks. Depending on your skill level, you may need to get a technician to repair it. Amazon has some replacement parts - they are usually compatible with Whirlpool parts.

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