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This is the upgraded version to the P75-A7200, with the only difference being a pre-installed 8.1 OS from windows on the newer device, rather than 8.0.

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Which Torx screw driver opens the hard drive case?

All of my torx screw drivers look similar, but I believe only 1 can open the hard drive case on my Toshiba Satellite P75-A7200 laptop. Is it a T1, 2, 3, or something else? Thank you!

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I don't know exactly which size for the Toshiba but it is just the one that fits without too much play. Most laptops just use Philips screws. Maybe some one replaced your's with Torx screws.

O.K. so you want to secure data. Why didn't you just say so?

Do you have particularly, highly senstive data (military secrets or access to millions of dollars, for example) on the drive? First of all the individual would have to know the data was there. Secondly, they would have to have the knowledge, the skills and the time to access it or a large amount of money to pay some one to try and recover the wipes data. No one would put in that kind of effort unless they knew there would be subtancial rewards. Even then there would be no guarntee that they find anything even remotely useful for their crime. Just wipe the drive with something like DBAN set on its maximum over write setting and you should be fine.

If you feel our land fill sites are not full enough then just drill the screws out or us an old chisel and a hammer to open the case.

But hey it is up to you.

P.S. Having done data recovery I know how hard it is.

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Thanks for your reply. To clarify, I'm actually referring not to the laptop outer case, but specifically to the hard drive case... I wish to access the data disk inside that looks like a miniature CD. It's been suggested that before selling, donating, or even recycling your hardware, that you perform this privacy-assuring step. For some reason, none of my torque drivers seem to be the right one- but I'm sure somewhere it's documented; whether it's a T1, 2, 4, or 6? Thanks again, for your reply.

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@butterthumbs2 that will be specific to your hard drive not the computer. What make and model is your hard drive? Why would you open the drive? Once opened it will pretty much be ruined unless you are using a "clean room" and all the necessary precautions. If you are concerned about the data on your drive, either destroy the HDD by commercial shredding or use software like BitRaser or Blancco driver eraser.

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