I need a new Sub Lower Board.

When you drop the phone. two ribbons can be disconnected slightly. And the chances of shorting can occur. This did not kill my phone. But allowing the chip on the other side of the sim to heat up massively draining your battery at all times. The phone will work just fine cpu, gpu just fine. The sim chip over heating giving weak signal. I only get internet when I have 5 bars. 4 bars I no longer can access internet, call or text. But I'll have 4 bars. But once it's 5 bars it's all good again. I opened it after requiring tool and silicone glue to put the back glass back on. I reconnected the ribbon after the phone started heating up. The over heating didnt happen after the ribbons disconnected. But from me squeezing the phone to slightly recontact the ribbon on the slot. Multiple times over 3 months. Then the heating happened after I dropped the phone again with a already loose ribbons.

Update (05/13/23)

Getting the main board is easy it's on the market everywhere. But the sub lower board is out of stock for a long time.

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@gorlock it is unclear which board and which ribbon cables you are referring too. Are you looking for a charging board or the Sim Card reader board?

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ah yes the sim card board is label as Sub Lower back Board that is out of stock. scratch that found it

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@gorlock so you found the sim card reader board? You all good?? Answered your own question :-)) Awesome and glad you found it.

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