Backlight died on my MacBook Pro Retina 15" mid-2012

Hi all,

My MacBook Pro Retina 15" mid-2012 "died" the other day while I was using it. Or so I thought, until I shone a flashlight through the Apple logo and I saw that the screen was working fine -- just the backlight was dead.

I tried to connect it to an projector, but that didn't work -- could it be that the GPU is dead, not just the backlight? I have a model with an Nvidia GPU and switchable graphics.

Interestingly, I left it for dead for a few weeks, then decided to open it. I didn't do much -- dedusted, pressed on one of the screen cable connectors, then disconnected the battery for 2 minutes and connected it back.

Eureka, it worked again! Backlight and all! (Didn't test connecting to a projector). But then, maybe a day later, it broke again, screen works but backlight doesn't (and again didn't check if connecting a projector works or not).

Some more info:

  • 2 years ago it fell ~15 cm (6 inches), and one of the fans started to make noise. It's still noisy but the laptop has been working fine for 2 years.
  • On the day the backlight died the first time, the table was wet. I put it on the wet table around noon. It worked until ~10pm that night, then the backlight died.
  • None of the water damage detectors inside were colored.

I'm fine with leaving it for dead, but the fact that it came back to life for a day makes me think there might be an easy fix. Is there anything that comes to mind?


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