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15" versatile and affordable laptop. Has both AMD and Intel models.

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My laptop is not switching on from the power button

I used this lenovo IdeaPad s145 for about a year and one time it just couldn't switch on, I thought it was the charger so I bought another charger but it still couldn't switch on and also when you plug it in, it doesn't show the red/green light next to the power button that it's charging. Please help?

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Sounds like a possible PSU issue.

Have you removed the battery and plugged it in to see if the situation changes?

If you are certain that your charger is fine, and if you are certain your plug in/power outlet is fine, and there is no response with swapping batteries... sounds like a PSU issue.

You could potentially fix yourself, but that would void your warranty. I would advise a computer repair shop

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