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El iPhone 2021 estándar de Apple se lanzó el 24 de septiembre y viene con una pantalla OLED de 6.1", un sistema de cámara dual de 12 MP y en cinco colores disponibles. Sucesor del iPhone 12.

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NFC ANTENNA? Apple Pay and tap not working.

Hey guys,

My Apple Pay has not worked at all. No card machine will recognise my device is there, it worked once since this happened, but not again.

An airtag type device used called 'squid' for tracking loyalty payments which also uses NFC (I assume) also would not recognise the phone. This makes me think there is a hardware issue with something, and not an Apple Pay problem. I deleted and put all my cards back on but the different pay terminals, and this squid tap loyalty thing still didn’t recognise my phone.

So, after seeing somethings about possibly loose NFC antenna plate, or something like that, does anyone have any insight?

Or links to a guide i might use to open up the back of the iPhone, locate the plate and NFC antenna, and check if there is anything out of place from a drop potentially?

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The NFC antenna in iPhones is nearly always tucked into the housing around the rear camera. I can't say that for sure in the 13, but it has been the case for quite some time. It looks like this could still be the case, but I can't say for sure.

But if there's damage on this part of your phone, it's definitely plausible the antenna is to blame.

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Have video or PDF how to change it? it will be more usefull.

Best regards

- de

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Hello There.

The NFC antenna is part of The flashlight module. and needs to be "Grounded" to the frame with a screw.
Specifically it is the upmost metal piece/screw hole that needs to be screwed in (see image).

I just had a device myself with the same problem so i am a 100% sure.

Block Image

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Nice dude! Thanks so much for this. Any links on guides on how to take apart and fix this ? Or would you be able to let me know a little more thanks

- de


this is for the 13 Pro but the repair is "basically the same"

the order in which i remove parts is

1. Display

2. battery

3. Logicboard

4. earspeaker

5. Face-ID

6. check if it is screwed in properly.

Btw. I have almost never needed to replace the flex as it is usually a loose screw.

- de

What's the correct screw size of the flash led flex cable? Does it interfere to the problem? an aftermarket housing contributes to the apple pay reading problem?

- de

Are you aware of any places that sell this spare part? I had my phone repaired at a repair shop and I believe they messed something up.

For background info, I sent my iPhone 13 in for a back glass repair, and when I got my phone back Apple Pay does not work. Seeing as it is apparently part of the flash module, I did test my flash and it does work, so I’m not sure what exactly that means.

- de

@josh50959 - I would go back to the shop as they forgot the screw which connects to the antenna which is within the shell or they replaced the shell with a bad part or damaged it.

- de

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Hello, nfc doesn't use an antenna as such so I doubt that is the case, it could be the case nfc isn't enabled on the phone, I found this page that describes how to enable it, it could be helpful:

Hope this helps.

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Hi! Thanks for the help and the link to the article. Unfortunately my iPhone 13 uses background NFC so there is Jo option disabled. I think it must be some kind of hardware issue. The top facing front speaker is also not working so I'm suspecting something is up

- de

To correct things a bit, all wireless signaling requires an antenna of some sort. Distance and waveform dictate the size on what’s needed. NFC doesn’t need anything overly large and the product maker can do a good job hiding it too! The only limit is the housing needs to be radio transparent (at least a window). As an example the iMac logo on the back in the older systems is hiding a Bluetooth antenna! Here the camera area is the window.

- de

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Have u fine a solution I’m facing the same problem

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