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Can I replace one of my fans?

My fans have been making too much noise

In particular, my right fan has been making too much noise. I recently cleaned my fans and removed as much dust as I can but it is still making noise. I've had this issue for awhile but I feel like it may be inevitable to replace my fans.

If that is the case, how do I search for a new fan(s) and where do I purchase them? Last time I considered buying fans I gave up because I didn't know where to find them.

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Hi @yiceldelacruz,

Depending where you're located, there are probably several retail sellers where you can get replacement fans for your laptop. I used a general internet search using the keywords 'Razer Blade 15” Base 2020 RZ09-0328x replacement fans' and came up with fans being sold on Amazon, eBay and AliExpress, among others. Here's one example.

QUETTERLEE New CPU + GPU Cooling Fan for Razer Spirit Blade 15 GTX1060 RZ09-027 RZ09-0270 RZ09-03009E97 RZ09-0300 RZ09-0328 RZ09-03287E72-R3U1 RZ09-0369 RZ09-0369A RZ09-0369B RZ09-0369BE22 Series Fan

It looks like there are a couple of different kinds of fans being sold for the 15" Razer Blades, so you'll want to double-check that it names your particular model number; in this case I am going by what's shown on the device page, RZ09-0328. If that's not your model number then you will need to substitute yours for the one in the search text.

You might also check for a part number on the fan itself; if you find one you can use that for your search. If I go to the example Amazon listing I mentioned, it appears the part numbers on those fans are DFS501105PR0T FM5D and DFS5K121142621 FLK7. If you search using those numbers, you can also find those same parts on AliExpress like this.

Cpu Cooling Fan Dfs501105pr0t Fm5d Gpu Cooler Fan Dfs5k121142621 Flk7 For Razer Blade 15 Gtx1060 Rz09-027 Rz09-0270 Rz09-0300 - Laptop Repair Components - AliExpress

That should get you going; let us know what you find and how it turns out!

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