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Lanzado el 4 de noviembre de 2017. Modelo A1865, A1901. Disponible como GSM o CDMA / 64 o 256 GB / Silver o Space Gray. (Se pronuncia igual que "iPhone 10.")

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Can't restore TrueTone on iPhone X with 16.4, using JCID V1SE

I'm trying to restore TrueTone on an iPhone X after I replaced the screen. I tried the method that doesn't use the original LCD, but the programmer wasn't able to read the data on the new LCD. So I tried the other, and I was able to read the data on the old LCD and write it to the new LCD. I restarted the phone, but TrueTone still doesn't show up in the brightness settings. Can anyone help me?

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does the new screen accept truetone programming as not all screens do

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I'm not sure, the screen has been sitting around for months and I think threw the box it came in. TrueTone wasn't restored but the important display message disappeared

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do OEM screens accept the programming? i've got the same issue with an iPhone 8. original screen (glass and LCD) is busted, plus the flex cables are sheared so there's no way to read anything from the screen. i have a good OEM from another IPhone 8 that i want to replace with. i have a V1SE with the truetone board. can't seem to figure out how make the pc (with the JC diag program running) connected to the V1SE connected to the iphone 8 (with a different good screen connected temporarily) and the replacement screen connected to the programmer. there's a truetone replacement function but none of the click buttons are available except exit.

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@beekerc I'm sorry I can't speak to the actual use of programming the screen using the V1SE, but one thing I do know how to do is to get the needed number, the MtSN AKA Cover Board Number from the phone. The iCopy software doesn't give you that number, so you have to use either the JC Repair Assistant or 3uTools. Either way, you'll need to hook the phone directly to the Windows laptop without the V1SE in the loop.

Copy the number you need to the clipboard and save it. Next, disconnect the phone and hook the screen up to the V1SE and the V1SE up to the computer.

That's as far as I can take you since I don't have a V1SE and have never used one, but somehow you have to be able to paste the MtSN into the JC software that allows you to load it into the screen.

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is your iphone broken to pieces? if so, try checking the flexible earpiece. there could be a tear or something.

Or your LCD doesn't support Truetone

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The original earpiece flex cable broke, so I'm waiting for a replacement. Is that why? I was trying the new LCD without the earpiece

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@wisdomtogbe I'm not sure about the iPhone X, but on some of the later models like the 14, replacing the screen disables auto brightness and True Tone, so I'm thinking it's entirely possible that True Tone won't come up unless you have a functional ambient light sensor.

Replacing it may or may not be an issue; you're probably well aware that replacing that part means your Face ID is never going to work again, but I don't know if having an unpaired ALS will affect True Tone or not.

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I’m having this problem on multiple iPhone x’s since updating to iOS 16 variants, True Tone refuses to reinstate, or the phone boot loops with random instances of it working.

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Hi, I have another problem , i bought NCC Soft OLED iPhone X 256gb screen and trying to install true tone via JCID V1SE WiFi....the program does not recognise chip, the phone get connected but I can not get the true tone code, someone can help?

I am using iOS 16.7.7 and Windows 11 pro on a iMac 2017.

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