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El Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), o simplemente Super Nintendo, es una consola de juegos de 16 bits lanzada por Nintendo en 1990. Super Nintendo fue uno de los más vendidos de su tiempo y todavía tiene una gran base de fans en la actualidad.

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When I turn my SNES on the screen is purple

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The system turns on but my screen instantly turns purple with no other images on it. I’ve throughly cleaned the 62 pin connector (there was no corrosion or rust on it) and the whole motherboard. I am using a third party power supply but everything else is OEM. Anyone have any ideas on what I can test or replace?

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What type of TV are you using? How are you connecting the SNES to the TV (RCA, Composite)?

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@andrewsawesome I'm using a RCA to HDMI adaptor on my OLED LG. The adaptor works when I use it with my Nintendo 64 and Gamecube.

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@mow79 So to confirm, you are not using the RF modulator? Also, do you have a multimeter?

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@andrewsawesome Correct, I am not using the RF modulator. I do have a multimeter.

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Just for my curiosity, are you loading a game when you turn on the SNES?

Also, assuming you are talking about the NTSC SNES released in '91 the power rating is at 10V at 850 mA. I would try a different power supply to see if that might be the culprit.

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I figured it out, I got a new game to test out to see if my Super Gameboy cartridge wasn't working and it turns out that was the case.

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