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Un controlador de videojuegos inalámbrico, más tradicional, producido por Nintendo para el sistema Switch. Número de modelo: HAC-013.

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Does anyone know how to fix this? (Switch Pro Controller issue)

When playing games I noticed that my right joystick would occasionally slightly stick to one corner causing the in-game camera to slowly turn on its own. It was not full on drifting since if I moved the joystick in the opposite direction it would return to normal (there is a slight but noticeable bump when I do so). This is not at all a permanent solution since it would just go back to doing the same thing everytime I where to move the joystick in that direction (to the left). So I opened it up to see what the problem was and it appears that the gray tab covering the R-button switch is lifted up. I believe that this is the problem since it is to the left of the joystick and the other joystick's tab thing is flat against where it makes contact. I’ve tried pushing it back down but it just returns to how it was. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? First photo is of the problem, second is of the normal joystick, for visual comparison.

Block Image

Block Image

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Have the same issue, if you don't want to go the route of replacing the entire thing, very carefully gluing the gray piece with a strong glue back into position is your best bet, just use the other joystick for reference on where it should be placed.

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