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El primer modelo de iPhone, modelo A1203 con 4, 8 o 16 GB de capacidad y una parte posterior de aluminio. La reparación requiere una cantidad significativa de destreza, y puede requerir un poco de soldadura.

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Help! iPhone stuck in boot loop with weird shadowing on screen

im planning on replacing the display, just need to find a part with a digitizer and lcd with all the small parts

it only turns on when its plugged in as shown in the video, and has a weird shadowy affect after it turns itself off.

anyone know what to do?

ive tried putting in in dfu mode while its doing this,hard resetting also, and it doesn't help

is this also a display issue/recovery issue or is it something else?

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okay but is it compatible with the newest itunes update?

what do i need to do to actually recover this phone?

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are you concerned about data on the phone?

if not, then i'd recommend downloading 3utools and installing it on your PC. put the phone into DFU mode (you will need to google how to do this for your model), connect it to your PC and execute a anti-recovery Flash.

this will install the latest firmware and IOS for your phone.

this usually works for me when i get bootlooping phones to evaluate - but only if the data is expendable.

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is there a version for mac?

also i don't mind the data, i bought this phone off ebay to repair

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also the phone turns off before i can put in dfu i only can barely get recovery mode to work in time before it shuts off it only stays on for about 10 seconds before turning off:(

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no. 3utools is for pc only, sorry

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