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The MSI P65 is a high-performance laptop that was released in June 2019. It is manufacturer part #P651675.

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How to loosen the hinge?

My hinge is so tight that the screen cover is bending and will break unless the hinge effort is lessened. I don't see any adjustment nut, like on the older models.

Update (02/19/2023)

I've greased the hinge with a very high quality marine grease (Evinrude Triple-Guard). That did loosen the hinge a bit. But the real problem is that the tight hinge caused the hinge's mount on the lid to break free. It is apparently glued to the metal lid with some high-strength epoxy (I can see a slight rim of clear brown between the lid and the mount at the good hinge). So I tried using a rear-view mirror adhesive (JB Weld's "MirrorWeld", no. 33701). But that was hard to use - the accelerator wiping stick does not fit between the lid and the mount, so I had to transfer accelerator to a Qtip and use that. After an overnight cure, it seemed good initially, but the bond failed after a few uses of the lid hinge. Since MirrorWeld is specifically for glass and metal, it is possible that it is unable to bond to the hinge mount, which appears to be a type of plastic. Anyone successfully bonded the hinge mount? Or does anyone know of the original bonding product that MSI uses?

Block Image

Block Image

Update 2/22/2023

I've re-glued the hinge mount, this time with JB Weld's WaterWeld putty. Sticky stuff, usually good on plastic. It doesn't smear thinly, even with a clamp, so the corner of the bezel is sticking up a bit. But as long as it works! So far, it's sticking.

FYI, if you need to screw through the cover, the original screws are M2-0.4 x 2mm long, with 7mm diameter wafer heads. I think you can go through the cover if you use 6mm long screws, and add a washer and nut on the outside. See

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Hello jmorfit3, I want to change my hinge or glue like you, but I couldn't find how to open front bezel. Is it taped or glued to screen? How did you dissassemble it?

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There are plastic catches all around the bezel that will release with some effort and a thin blade inserted to help pry. Too much effort or prying can break off the catches, but there are a lot of them, so it's not a deal breaker to lose one catch.

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I know this sounds daft, but try WD40. If there is any form of corrosion, WD40 will dissolve that. It is also a very thin lubricant, and will work better for low-force applications such as computer hinges, than marine lube.

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