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replaced logic board now can only boot in safe mode

After fixing the infamous ATI chip problem a couple of times using the heatgun technique, I finally managed to fry my 2.16GHz logic, after some research I decided to buy a new logic board just to give my laptop some more life...I eventually went for a 2.33GHz board as it's a direct replacement on A1211 models and also because it was the only one I could find at a reasonable price.

Everything went ok, except that I can now only boot in safe mode...a normal boot get stuck on the grey screen and I can't seem to be able to boot from the Snow Leopard disc either...

Anyone has some suggestions/advice on how to fix that?

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Did you try a power manager reset (SMC) and a PRAM reset ? After a logic board replacement the board could need a reset to work as it should.


Are you using the gray install disks or retail 10.6 disk?


SMC and PRAM luck...and I'm using a 10.6 retail thing I'll try: target disk mode - FW cable to another Mac and run Disk Warrior...don't know what else to try...pretty sure it's a software issue...


I had this problem, but it was still the video card that was bad. Booting normal it it would hang on a light blue screen just before your wall paper appears.

Booting from disk wouldn't work other.


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At this point I'd do a reinstall of the 10.6 as there may be slight differences in the software installation for a 2.16 GHz and a 2.33 GHz. I don't know what they might be but it couldn't hurt. Unless the Target Mode machine is a 2.33 GHz, I wouldn't do a system install from it as it will install the system needed for the mother machine.

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