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Guías de reparación e información de desmontaje para el iPad Pro de 12,9" de sexta generación de Apple. Publicado el 18 de octubre de 2022.

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How many NAND in each storage?

In various storage capacity specifications, how many NAND particles are there?

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Apple doesn't add more chips to the board to increase the internal storage; instead they use a single chip that comes in different amounts of storage, from 128GB up to 2TB. So if you're thinking of increasing the disk storage on your iPad, you can't just add another chip; you have to remove the existing one, reball the circuit board and solder a new one on. Unless you're experienced at working with BGA components and microsoldering and have the necessary equipment, that's a job best left to professionals.

Does that answer your question, or were you referring to something else when you used the term "particles"?

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Thank you for replying this question. What I care about is the internal storage read and write speed. If 256GB uses two NANDs, the read and write speed will be faster than one.

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@wa0327 - Yes that would be correct! Interleaving between them

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If you look at the iFixit teardown you’ll see two Flash chip locations so depending on the storage you bought one or two chips will be installed

Reference: 12.9” iPad Pro 2020 Teardown: What does the LiDAR scanner look like?

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Thank you for replying this question.

My Pad Pro is 2022 M2 12.9" 256GB, but the reference you provided is 2020.

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@wa0327 - it’s the same layout! Just like how the MacBook Pro’s have a max of two Flash chips. In your case it’s a single chip.

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Thank you for your replying Dan.

so, 128GB and 256GB both are single NAND chip, right?

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@wa0327 - What is your concern here? The number of Flash cells doesn’t change because Apple used one or two chips.

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Thank you for your replying, Dan. In order to get the fastest r/w speed, I would like to choose that model which has two chips.

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