07 Nissan Altima Acceleration issue

My Altima has 118k miles, was jerking and hesitant when going into drive and reverse, so I parked it. It had a lean code p171 and p300 misfire code so i changed spark plugs and coils, valve cover and gasket, MAF, cleaned throttle body and checked all the fuses. It still does not accelerate, but the RPMs will go high (past 4k) until i let off gas pedal. Goes into all gears just fine, reverse has no issues now, but when i put in drive it feels like its in limp mode. Checked the alternator and its fine, also car has a new battery too. Im at a loss. I still owe $4k on this car and was quoted $2k for a used installed tranny. I really need help!!! Oh i had a TPS code and a throttle actuator code come up 2101, 123 & 223 then realized I had a loose sensor on the throttle body. I cleared the codes and check engine light went off but still doing it. Please Help!!!

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