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After replacement battery iPhone 8 drains 50% overnight NOT powered on

I replaced the battery & broken screen as the guide suggested and now the battery life is awful. It drains fast just being idle. Even powered off the battery will drain down 50% by morning...never happened before in my other repairs? Any advice before I decide to return?

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@unusedceling67 Did you buy the replacement parts from a reputable vendor, like iFixit, or did you buy some random parts off of Amazon / eBay, etc?

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@geirandersen Yes, I bought it from iFixit.

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Where did you get the replacement part from? To me it sounds like it may be a faulty lithium cell with a high self-discharge rate, i'd look into returning the battery and replacing it for another if you can, if that doesn't help then it may be a board issue.

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I bought here from iFixit....not exactly sure where I would contact them to try and return the battery.

Also read the policy and says if I used the adhesive I may not qualify for a return...?

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Sounds like a short on the board somewhere. Sometimes if you place your finger on the back of the phone behind the board you can feel heat. Or touching the board itself when opened. If so you have a short. If not contact ifixit about a replacement. Ashesive or not it should still be under warranty. I've replaced loads of batteries under warranty and had them replaced. (Not from ifixit)

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@strongbow Hmm...the phone when not charging is it's normal temperature, been testing it without it's case on. Could it be the connection between the board and battery? Because I was having loads of trouble connecting it, so there's a chance it wasn't fully connected or may have loosened a bit as I was putting it back together...

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@unusedceling67 The connection could absolutely be a contributing factor. If it has a bad connection, that can cause it to “ramp up” the power it tries to deliver / draw, because the phone detects it’s not getting enough. That should be causing some heat though, as excessive current draw will produce heat.

I’d say open the phone back up and disconnect the battery. Inspect the connectors closely under high magnification, and if there’s no damage use som >99% IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and clean both connectors with a Q-tip. Let it dry a couple of minutes, then carefully connect the battery again, making sure you have proper alignment of the connectors. There should be very little resistance, and once correctly aligned they should marry up very easily.

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@geirandersen Thank you! I'll be trying this!

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