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The Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro SK17i comes with a 3'' screen, a slide-out keyboard and a replaceable battery. Released in August of 2011.

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broke the screen of my mini pro sk17i


I broke the screen of my xperia mini pro sk17i. I ordered only the digitizer touchscreen from ebay. But now when I gave it for repair, mechanic tells me that he cannot separate the LCD from touchscreen and thus, i need to order whole assembly and just touchscreen wont be replaced. Is there a way to separate LCD from touchscreen since they are badly glued. If no, why are sellers selling touchscreen separately when it is of no use..:O? Wht should I do.:(

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Why ppl are selling touch screens only, is because they make money that way.

I did this mistake the first time aswell, but i soon realised that those two parts coudnt be separated.

I told my seller of the touch screen what a "wa**er" he was and requested a FULL refund. I sent the touch screen back and got the refund as reguested (i did mention a very negative feedback on ebay, and the seller was suddently very Cooperative).

Again, contact me if you need any help. Skype name above :)

- de

Hey dude...Thanks for the, I finally got changed LCD plus Touchscreen Digitizer replaced today. Now, my story: I got it replaced. Everything is working fine. Touch qualtiy is same as before. So, no issues. But the mechanic I gave my handset to was a newbie. He did best though but was not able to perfectly fit in. As a result, my touchscreen digitizer is coming up from its position a little. Just a press around home button and it sets in. But that solution is jus temporary. i think I would need some tape or glue to fix that. Any insighst guys..I have attached three images along one of each side view to give u a better idea. Thanks..:) for images, visit here:

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The same happened with me :(

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U need a "special" adhesive tape, a thin one, as the kind used for iphone 3GS touch screens.

Or you can buy another kind, it just have to be thin, STRONG and double sided!

What you do is: Cut the adhesive so it fits metal fram, NOT covering the sensors around the top.

After doing so, u fold the flex cables as they were on the old part. There should be some adhesive already on the LCD flex cables, that needs to be removed.

When thats done, you remove the coveredge on the doublesided adhesive tape, and place the touch + LCD firmly on it, now, press and hold for about 30seks, till you belive the touch is holding, mind the corners, press here also!

THEN your done, assemble the phone again, close your eyes and press the power button, hopefully your "lucky" and you got a picture on the screen hehe :D Good luck mate.

contact me on Skype: CRATERHEAD

Best Regards

Apple Repair Herning DNK

Palle Skov

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could u please tell from u got the LCD+touch screen digitizer.Me too having the same problem.Wen i contacted SC they told it would cost around 120$.Help me to com out of dis

My email :

- de

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can i use this to repair my smartphone?

its with a connection to the cell phone but i dont know how to remove the old touchscreen and put the new in with the connection...

skype contact: K3NJI or c_chris_c

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i am an ebay seller, i see this beacuse one of my buyer bought the touch screen and thought i sent him the wrong item,it said it is supposed to contain the digitizer, ans he sent me this link, i don't understand, he thought i am a liar, this is not ture, many buyers buy this and fix his phone by himself, or some one who can make it, if you can't,you might find some help or send it back,story can't be told like this way, seller can be good as well as do good business to support her family.


above is the lcd+touch screen

my buyer only buy the touch screen as following:

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