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Guías de reparación para el Magic Trackpad. Lanzado en 2010.

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Magic Trackpad just died

that's it, really. my Magic Trackpad died; I've not done anything exciting with it; regularly replaced batteries, not anything obvious to see; but it's not powering up when I press it on, so I'm suspicious it's something power related. Any ideas on how to trouble shoot/repair it. I'm bereft as I love it a lot and use it all the time!!

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Spy down the battery compartment do you see anything like corrosion? If you do you’ll need to clean it out using some White vinegar slightly damped cotton swab.

Then get a pencil with a pink eraser which is still soft. I like the larger diameter ones for kids!

Shove the pencil down eraser first, now with a bit of pressure spin it around scrubbing the contact and do the same on the lid. That should do it!

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